Assignment Rubric

Quality Feedback helps drive improvement.

Both of These rubrics were designed to align with the Australian curriculum. Because the first is written in the language of the curriculum I made sure that there had also been an explanation of what each of the rubric terms meant. This helped to clarify for the students what was expected of them.

The second was written for a Learning Support class and has been modified for that purpose. As such, the language used is very much written to be understood by a teenager. The language is clear and identifies exactly what I am looking at. It still includes headings based on the Australian Curriculum outcomes so that the teacher marking is still able to track which outcomes the student has been assessed on.

Written feedback is always based on two positive comments and one area of improvement. This give the student, regardless of grade, a general sense of achievement whilst also giving them one thing to focus on for a better grade next time. This is also coupled with an opportunity in class to have me clarify my comments.

This Rubric covers the following standards:

  • Assess student learning (5.1)
  • Provide feedback to students on their learning (5.2)
  • Interpret student data (5.4)
  • Report on student achievement (5.5)

Hyperlink to evidence:

Rubric                                        Rubric 2


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