Classroom Rules

These rules were created based on the idea of fewer is better.

In this way the students are not overwhelmed with trying to remember dozens of rules. They are simple and generally positive, directing them what to do rather than what not to do. In this way students do not have taboos to break rather guidelines to follow.

The language used is short and direct, also to aid retention. They are always presented to the class on the first day and the students are encouraged to have input if they feel that something is unfair or missing. In this way they develop an ownership over the rules and begin to self regulate.

This unit plan covers the following standards:

  •  Use effective classroom communication (3.5)
  •  Support student participation (4.1)
  •  Manage classroom activities (4.2)
  •  Manage challenging behaviour (4.3)
  •  Maintain student safety (4.4)

Hyperlink to evidence:

Classroom Rules


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